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Private TWO Day Online Workshop

Saturday and Sunday January 9th & 10th, 2021 - 9AM - 6PM 

Taught by

Damon Flowers


Serial Entrepreneur, Mind Expert, High Performance Mentor

Do You Fall Into The 99.9% Or The .1% Camp?

Most people just hope that if they keep doing what they’re doing long enough, they’ll have everything they want in life...


You know...the big home, nice cars, private school for their kids, great health, financial freedom, travel, a network of friends, and time to do what they love and for some...serving others.


Unfortunately, life doesn't work that way...


If you want to be successful in business and in life, you have to MAKE IT HAPPEN.


And the best way to do this is by following a FORMULA.


EVERY successful individual from leaders to athletes, authors to humanitarians has followed a simple formula to achieve their extraordinary results.


Think Grant Cardone, Dwight Eisenhower, Warren Buffet, Oprah Winfrey, Richard Branson, Walt Disney, JK Rowling, Steven King, Serena Williams, Nelson Mandela, and the list goes on and on...but you get the idea.


The good news is that the formula is simple.  It is…

  • Identify what you want
  • Write down a Plan to achieve it
  • Work the plan Daily
  • Direct your Willpower wisely
  • Believe you can
  • Install the right Habits
  • Develop your Focus
  • Harness your Emotions
  • Strengthen your Consistency

Yep, this critical formula is pretty darn simple...

If It's So Easy, Why Doesn't Everybody Do It?

There are 2 reasons why the vast majority of individuals can't just follow the formula to Success...


Reason #1 - Resistance


Resistance is that inner struggle we feel that keeps us from taking action. You know, the one that says, "let's do this tomorrow..." or "time to check facebook.."


Resistance shows up in many forms, including: Procrastination, Distraction, Sabotage, Confusion, Overwhelm, Over-analysis, Fear, Internal Conflict, Stress, Complaining, Judgment, Tension, Playing the victim, and even Perfectionism.


But, what if you had NO RESISTANCE and actually wanted to take action (follow the formula)?


You would be UNSTOPPABLE!


And, yes, you can permanently transform resistance. Hundreds of my students can attest this is absolutely doable when you know how.


Reason #2 - Short Term Thinking


Short term thinking is when we only do the things that are easy (or in front of us) right now.


It turns out that in order to be successful at anything, we need to harness a "key" mind trait, called "Long Time Perspective".


But, the truth is that 97% of individuals (even High Achievers) lack this "curable" ability.

Most Business Professionals Miss This...

It is estimated that only 3% of the population have one of the most important ingredients necessary to achieving consistent progress.


Yes, you read that correctly! That means that 97% of individuals will NOT achieve what they want!


That's why some, like Darren Hardy or Grant Cardone can point to the formula as the reason for their success.


While the vast majority continue to wonder why they keep failing at it.


So, what is this key ingredient, called "Long Time Perspective"?


In 1970, Dr. Edward Banfield wrote up his results from a 50 year analysis to answer the question, "Why do some people continue to move up in life, like gaining financial independence, while others do not"?


What he and later others showed is that the single most important factor in determining your success is your attitude towards TIME.


Dr. Banfield concluded that people with what he called "Long Time Perspective" are able to hold both the future and the present together. Therefore, they are able to make decisions today that takes them toward what they want in the future.


It turns out that Long Time Perspective is more important than education, intelligence, family background or virtually any other factor in determining personal and business success.


And, yet most individuals (including "stuck" high achievers) lack this key ability.


But, did you know that this can be fixed by using a SYSTEM to do what your brain can't? (I'll go into detail on this at the workshop...)


In fact, entrepreneurs and business professionals who are highly successful are already doing this. It's just that nobody knew it (until now).

The Problem Is Getting Worse...

Resistance and Short term thinking are so common, because of how our brains work (more on this at the workshop).


And, as our world moves faster...MORE Responsibilities, MORE To Do's, MORE Distractions, MORE Email, MORE Social Media, MORE Information, MORE News, MORE AlertsMORE Decisions, then our brains tend to get "stuck" in resistance mode and spiral into even more short term thinking.


Yes, it's true, the more your brain gets asked to do, the more you get TRAPPED in resistance, which causes you to spiral into even more short term thinking.


Stack on...Financial stress, obligations at work, parenting, health issues, or managing an ever-increasing list of responsibilities, and you'll find yourself living in more resistance and now "frozen" in short term fight or flight existence.


This is what life looks like when you are "Stuck" in Resistance and Short Term Thinking (i.e. NOT able to apply the Formula).

Slow Progress Has BIG Impacts Over Time...

This is what life looks when you're "Free" of Resistance and Experiencing Massive and Consistent Progress (i.e. CAN apply the Formula).

BIG Progress = Freedom

When you don't understand how this works, the deck is stacked against you.


This is why it's damn near impossible for most business owners to achieve what they really want in life.


Hi, my name is Damon Flowers and I own or have owned multiple 6 and 7 figure businesses over the years that now bring in passive income for me. I no longer "stress" about's there when I want it. I work less than 35 hours a week, which means time for maintaining personal health, my family, reading, traveling, and helping other business owners.


My wife was able to "retire" 8 years ago and has only recently gone back to work, because she's bored.


I'm in the best shape of my life and have the energy of a 25 year old. 


Now, I "get to" mentor entrepreneurs and business owners into their own 7 and 8 figure business growth and life freedom. I volunteer. I meditate daily. I spend time with friends and can drop what I'm doing to help out anyone at any time.


But, it wasn't always this way...

Before I Figured This Out...

I struggled for years with one challenge after another in business.


Over the course of 5 years, I failed at four businesses in a row. I became a workaholic and struggled to spend anytime with my wife and 4 month old son at the time.


It got so bad, my wife threatened to leave (multiple times).


Because I was working all the time (for very little reward), I stopped taking care of myself. I put on weight, lived in constant stress, had no energy and went through several periods of burn-out.


I found myself racking my brain, trying to "figure out" how to bring business, family, health and my personal life all together.


For years, I tried what other's suggested, but was never able to make it consistently work for me, which means my results were never permanent.


Believe me...I understand the pain of wanting something and struggling to get it..


It wasn't until I became aware of resistance within me and started learning how to dissolve it, that I began seeing the first signs of progress.


At first, I saw that I was hiding from the important actions in my business.


I was working hard at what was "comfortable."


And I kept putting off the activities that were critical for success, because deep down, I didn't feel worthy of success, money, wealth or attention. 

When I Finally Just Did This, My Results Began to Explode...

Over time, I began to discover that skills are useless unless you have the right programming inside you.


Once I realized this, I began to upgrade my inner beliefs, re-direct my willpower, train my mind for consistency, expanding my awareness, programming myself for action, strengthening my focus, installing the right habits, harnessing my emotions, and giving my mind a clear vision.


I had identified and re-wired my brain in what I now call the "Nine Dimensions of Business Performance".


Whether they know it or not, EVERY highly successful business owner scores high in each of these dimensions.


When I re-wired my brain and improved in these Nine dimensions, my world completely turned around.


I began to take IMPORTANT action in business.


Without resistance, I accomplished more in my business working fewer hours. With progress happening at work, I was able to commit more time with my wife and kids. They were happier...I was happier. I started exercising again and eating better and got stronger, more confident, and had much more energy.


I went on to create a multi-million dollar business working less than a "normal" workweek. I started volunteering more.  I spent even more time with my wife and kids...never missing a soccer game or dance recital or scouting event. I started taking four, then six weeks off each summer to reflect, read, think, play, and be more present. I spent increasing time in meditation. All, while working less than I had previously.


But hey, that's how I decided to use the one thing that matters most --> TIME.


How would you choose to spend your most valuable asset?


As other friends, entrepreneurs, and business professionals began to see the changes in my life, they asked me to show them how they could have more impact in their business working fewer hours, how they could spend more time doing the things they love, while having more fun and taking better care of themselves, along the way.


It turns out these are the CORE Dimensions that must be strong for you to take control and watch as your business and life finally stand on their own.


Once you know how to break through resistance and improve in the Nine Dimensions, your results will change in ways you can't even imagine right now.

Applying My Approach to Increasing Your Business Performance "Score", You Will Experience...

A permanent break through in your business and life results including:

  • You'll have a CLEAR picture of what you really want in life

  • You will know exactly what to do EVERYDAY to get what you want​

  • You'll be ENTHUSIASTIC about taking the important actions that you normally would have put off!​

  • You will ENJOY the challenge of watching your business stand on it's own

  • You will KNOW that your actions are moving you closer towards your BIG goals

  • You'll have CONFIDENCE knowing that you can accomplish anything you desire​

  • You will be CONSISTENT, FOCUSED and IN CONTROL of your results​

  • You will know when you're "off track" and easily get yourself back on point

  • You will experience daily PROGRESS, which then fuels your ambition even more​

  • Results in ONE area boost results in EVERY area of your life!​

  • You'll feel good about what you've built and actually enjoy it!​

  • This new way of living becomes your new normal!​

And, all of this...


Without becoming someone you're not, or violating who you are and what you value, or sacrificing what you believe in.


In fact, it's just the opposite.


The more you implement what I'm going to teach you in this ONE day workshop, the more the REAL you will come alive.

In Less Than 8 Hours At The Accelerated Business Growth Workshop..

I will reveal how you can achieve the business and life you really want faster than you ever thought possible.


This is the same approach I use and have taught hundreds of students to create rapid results in business.


I'll not only go through each of the Nine Dimensions with you...we'll go through each dimension in detail, so you understand how each works, what it looks like when a dimension is weak, what your life looks like when they are strong, and how to improve in each dimension.


During this ONE Day workshop, I will show you step by step how to get control of your business!


This workshop is about YOU. We'll be working on building a plan for your life, so that when you leave the workshop, you'll feel confident about getting traction and building momentum in your business and your life.


If you consider yourself a high achiever and are struggling to break through and get to the next level in your business, take the step and register for this life changing workshop.  


**Even if you've read everything, watched everything, taken everything...the truth is that if you're still not accomplishing your BIG goals, there is something missing. Find out what it is at the workshop and get it fixed permanently.**

What To Do Next...  


Reserve your spot now for this workshop. The Nine Dimensions of Business Performance Training, System, and coaching is NOT available anywhere else.


When you reserve today, you'll just be asked to pay only $97.

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Hear what a few of our past attendees have said about this workshop

This weekend’s workshop exceeded my expectations. Highly relevant information and exercises that reached core truths in me.

George Smith

It's like 10 years of psycho-therapy over one weekend. Loved the research and the personal experiences!

Allison Teo

This is an absolute MUST ATTEND for every human being!

Randy Jenkins

Awesome life changing workshop!

Rosemarie Espinoza

loved this event! The content and presentation was perfect.

Highly recommend. 5 stars!

Cress Julian Terrell

Damon Flowers is very well versed in the subject matter and has a deep level of understanding regarding subliminal issues and the subconscious. I HIGHLY recommend him to anyone seeking more and becoming more!

Morad Fiki

Life Awakened was instrumental in helping me build a foundation for success. I would recommend anyone to attend this workshop!

Patrick Bolanos

Amazing. Thorough. Over the top. Excellent advice and teaching. Your hands on help, helped me to realize what my problems are and how to fix them.Keep doing this!!!!​

Mandy Hurley

Excellent! So much eye opening information that is helping to connect my past and present, and will help me be more successful in the future. It also made me feel like I'm not alone with the things I've been struggling with! This workshop doesn't even compare to other classes I've taken. Thank you so much!!!

Wendi Simson

Life Awakened is a true description of the information given in this workshop. You come away with a revelation of yourself.

Anika Williams

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Here's the deal...  


I'm teaching a private workshop that will help you clearly identify your vision, create a plan for achieving it and teach you the system that will keep you on course and alert you if you get off track. This is THE system that will bring control and freedom back to your life as an entrepreneur and/or business leader. 


And, the cost is only $97.


Even if you've tried EVERYTHING to get results, this workshop will give you the answers you've been looking for. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where is the workshop held?


A: This workshop is a livestream event held online.  After you register for the workshop, we'll send you an email confirmation with event details. 


Q: What time does the workshop start and end?


A: Plan for the workshop to run from 9:00am to 6pm. We have a FULL day planned.


Q: Can I bring a guest?


A: Yes! Feel free to bring your spouse or business partner. When you register, you will have an opportunity to add them as a guest for a discounted fee.

If you've struggled in the past or are struggling now and would like help, click the link above and join us. Because, the truth is that if you're still not taking consistent action toward your BIG goals, THERE IS SOMETHING MISSING. And, until you get it fixed, you'll just be spinning in quicksand. Find out what's blocking you, so you can start experiencing rapid progress towards reclaiming your personal power.  

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