The Nine Dimensions of Business Performance

Business Performance
Boot Camp

Learn How to Confidently Achieve the Business and Personal Life You Want for Yourself

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In this Bootcamp, Damon will personally help you...

  • Develop a clear Vision of what you want in your business or career, your health and relationships so you're inspired to work towards your goals daily

  • Translate your vision into a Personal Plan with the specific actions to take each day

  • Train your mind to Focus...I'll show you how to do this even if your mind races and has you "trapped"

  • Identify YOUR "key" wealth and health behaviors and turn them into automatic & natural Habits

  • Fix patterns that are holding you back from being your "Best" self

  • Apply proven tweaks to your day so that you never experience overwhelm again

  • Apply my proven System that ensures you are always making progress and alerted when off track

  • And much, much more...

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In this Performance Boot Camp, you'll receive daily coaching that will help you improve in the core dimensions of
Vision, Focus, Willpower, Beliefs, Consistency, Achievement, Emotions, Habits, & Awareness.

Studies show that optimizing these Nine Dimensions greatly improves your ability to take sustainable action towards reaching your business and life targets.

The program has opened me up to a reality that I did not know was mine. The emotions that controlled me in the past are now a source of strength; they give me strength knowing they do not control me, but I control them.

Jonathan Manning

Attended Damon’s workshop and really benefitted spiritually. What a blessing for my wife probably now I am easier to live with! :). I said my main goal was to be able to sleep without waking up at 2am with racing thoughts. I’ve slept well every night since. Thanks Damon!

Gregg Patten

You opened my mind to things I hadn't considered and led me to want to continue to improve, and at my age didn't think it was possible!

David Hurley

I attended "Life Awakened" this past weekend with my husband and daughter and I would just like to say that it really can awaken you to the possibilities. When you get out of your own way and see how much potential there is in every situation, it is truly amazing. I am already applying the lessons we learn this weekend to attain my best me!

Tina Moss

The workshop was great and much needed. Many of the points discussed were eye opening. I actually had a revelation about why I do some of the things that I do. I was able to refer back to childhood and recognize where some behaviors started. The journal provided has been instrumental in helping me reprogram my mind. I would recommend this workshop to anyone willing to make a positive, productive change in their lives.

Anika Williams

As a Realtor/Investor, I have found what many successful entrepreneurs already know: willpower alone is not enough. Our beliefs and mindset must align with what we hope to achieve. And for that to happen, we have to know what what we really want, and why. I didn't really get that until I metDamon Flowers last year and went though his Life Awakened series. It was a game-changer for me.

Joel Lee

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